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The Gunfighters

The Gunfighters are the premier comedy cowboy shoot-'em-up audience pleasing entertainers. Let us take you on a light-hearted trip back to the American Wild West where laughs fly like bullets and hilarity is the law of the land. When the smoke clears justice has prevailed to the cheers and applause of a happy audience.

the gunfighters

If your event calls for colorful, fast-paced fun with a western flair, then you need The Gunfighters. Our posse of seasoned, professional actors and musicians can accommodate any event or venue. For over 30 years we've provided entertainment for major amusement parks, theaters, conventions, festivals & fairs, corporate events & conferences, films & commercials, rodeos, special events, and more!

Professional shows by professional actors

Our talented entertainers can be contracted as individual acts or as a custom package designed to fit your event. Trained horses can be incorporated into almost any event! We offer a full range of Old-West themed services including:

  • Traveling Wild West Town set
  • Comedy Gunfight Shows
  • Train Robberies
  • Quick Draw Challenge
  • Target Shooting
  • Annual Historic Reenactment

    Traveling Wild West Town set

    traveling wild west town set

    Bring our "town" to your town! If you don't have a western setting, we can provide one. We have a 28' wide x 12' deep traveling western town set, consisting of a courthouse, jail and cantina. Our beautiful Wild West Town set comes complete with a host of special effects, sound system and stunts. Contact us for details about our Wild West Town set.

    All of our performers are experienced, professionally trained actors. They wear authentic 1880's era clothing, gear, and guns.

    Learn more about our Traveling Wild West set >>

    When celebrating the west, use the best, The Gunfighters. Contact us today about customizing a package for your event. We aim to entertain!


    Comedy Gunfight Shows

    Our gunfighters and saloon girls perform a variety of up-beat, scripted comedy gunfight shows drawn from 34 years of crowd-pleasing experience. The good guys always win and the audience always laughs. Our gunfighters and saloon girls are professional actors with authentic 1880's clothing, gear, and guns. scripts can be customized to fit your needs. (additional fees may apply.) When requested, shows can end without gunfire.

    comedy gunfight shows

    Train Robberies

    That's right, our gang even robs trains. Every Saturday and Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day, as the Tarantula train of the Grapevine Vintage Railroad travels from Grapevine to historic Fort Worth! Enjoy a leisurely trip from Grapevine, Texas into the historic stockyards aboard an authentic nineteenth century train. On the way you'll experience firsthand a live action train robbery! You'll watch gun shootin' bad guys on horseback riding along side demanding that the train stop! But you don't need to worry about your wallet, these outlaws won't rob you. They'll entertain you, make you laugh, and give away mad money to boot! Get all the information and train schedules at the Grapevine Vintage Railroad website.



    train robberies

    Quick Draw Challenge

    The job of our quick draw specialists is not to outdraw folks, but to entertain them. Experience firsthand the excitement of going up against the fastest fun in the west! Possessing authentic looks, charming personalities, and delightful senses of humor, our quick draw entertainers thrill not only their opponents but the audience as well. These "fast guns" will tickle your funny bone and make your trigger finger itch. When it comes to a one-on-one challenge with audience interaction, our gunfighters are simply the best.



    quick draw challenge

    Target Shooting

    This new item has quickly become a favorite of event guests everywhere! Our entertaining, authentically costumed cowboys teach guests how to appropriately handle an old west six-shooter. Guests learn the basics of target shooting and test their marksmanship skills using safety approved rubber ammunition. Participants will experience the excitement of action shooting as they accumulate points for prizes or just plain braggin' rights. Hire us for your special occasion and we'll make sure it's something you're sure to remember. (Our Target Shooting and Quick Draw Challenge go well paired with Lagniappe's Comedy Gunfight Shows.)



    target shooting

    Annual Historic Reenactment

    Come see our free annual
    Luke Short - Jim Courtright Shootout Reenactment

    Fort Worth is a city blessed with a colorful past. Sure other cities boast of a western heritage, but what happened right here 125 years ago rivals any other western legend.

    Join us for the anniversary of this legendary gunfight.
    See the re-enactment of this famous shootout 
    yearly February 8, at 7 p.m. 
    in front of The White Elephant Saloon at
    106 East Exchange Ave. - Fort Worth, Texas 76106.

    Learn more


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