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Rusty Gears - The Robot Entertainer

rusty gearsRusty Gears the Robot is a robot with heart, soul and charm! The world’s most versatile, mobile, and quick-witted robot entertainer he is an effective educator and an unprecedented promotional item. But don't just take our word for it. Click here to see what satisfied clients have to say.

Whatever the event, Rusty Gears the Robot will draw a crowd, capture their imaginations, and hold their attention--making him a great tool for entertaining, educating, and promoting your cause. He’s done it all with great success, including:

Trade Shows
Fairs & Expositions
Corporate Events
Special Events & Private Parties

A Robot Unlike Any Other

Rusty Gears has provided services such as product promotion for major corporations, entertainment at fairs and private parties, and education at expos, trade shows and schools, just to name a few. His resume of satisfied clients includes:

- Anderson Consulting                        Arkansas Children’s Hospital
- Fort Worth Star-Telegram                Arkansas State Fair
- Green Mountain Energy                    Colorado State Fair
- Nokia                                           New Mexico State Fair
- McDonalds                                    Tri-State Fair
- Texas Instruments                          West Texas Fair
- Sabre Corporation                           Western Fair (London Ontario, Canada)
- Southwestern Bell Wireless               Southwestern Exhibition and Livestock Show
- Sunquest Users Group and many more….

He is a fully interactive "talking" robot with unique characteristics that set him apart from all other robots in the electronic entertainment community.

What Rusty Gears Can Do

  • Mobility: Rusty moves at the speed of a brisk walk and can maneuver with amazing precision wherever there is handicap accessibility. He has no visible operator nearby, thus creating an air of mystique about his mobility and dexterity. With a head that spins 360 degrees and a full range of arm movements, he fully interacts with his environment. handshakes and hugs are his specialty. The overall effect is a "live" machine with heart, soul, and charm!
  • Stereo Sound System: Rusty possesses a clear stereo sound system and uses an extensive variety of sound effects and a selection of music that can be customized to fit the occasion.
  • Communication: Rusty has outstanding communication skills via a clear, concise sound system that can be heard loud and clear and adjusted to the size of crowd and/or environment.
  • LED Signage Programmable: A custom LED sign can display your specific message. Information about any product or situation can be programmed so that Rusty is always in the know about current events or products, making him a valuable corporate team member.
  • Printed Material Distribution: Rusty distributes printed material from a slot in his body. Brochures, coupons, maps, business cards, or any document up to 8.5 x 11 are all possibilities.
  • Fully Interactive: Rusty initiates conversations and responds appropriately throughout the interaction. He incorporates sound effects, music, and body movements in his interactions with clients, customers, audience members, and anyone else he comes in contact with.


Here is just a sampling of what our satisfied clients have to say about Rusty Gears.

“Rusty Gears appearance at the Colorado State Fair can only be described as a home run! Rusty was by far the most popular special attraction that we have had at the fair in years.”
—Ed Kruse, Manager / Colorado State Fair

“After several decades in the fair business, it’s easy to become a bit jaded and think you have “seen it all”. But I found myself as mesmerized as our guests by this short, shiny goodwill ambassador!”
—Anne Eadie, Entertainment Manager / Western Fair, London, Ontario, Canada

“There is entertainment and then there is entertainment! Rusty was absolutely the best and most unique strolling act we have ever had at our fair.”
—Tony McMillan, Manager / West Texas Fair & Rodeo

“Our trade show booth was the talk of the convention with Rusty Gears as our mascot. I don’t think the National Association of Realtors will ever be the same.”
Brad Holmes / Autorealty Product

Trade Shows & Conventions

Significantly increase event traffic, visibility and networking opportunities with Rusty Gears the Robot as your mascot. He attracts attention everywhere he goes because he is a fully interactive “talking” robot that can do things that no other electronic entertainer can.

The challenge at any trade show is competition for attention. Regardless of what you spend on your booth, you fall short if you don’t capture people’s attention.

You can affordably become the center of attention with Rusty as your spokes-robot. He will carry on entertaining and engaging in fully interactive conversations, while distributing your printed information, and bringing unforgettable attention to your product or cause.

Major Fairs and Expositions

When guests encounter Rusty Gears the Robot at a fair what follows is laughter, amazement, and an unforgettable experience they will share with others. At fairs and expositions he becomes your very own “mobile ambassador.” He meets and greets guests upon arrival and can also roam about the fair grounds, entertaining as he distributes maps, coupons and fliers while educating the crowd about special events and attractions.

Media Exposure

Because of Rusty’s unique operational system he is a mystery and a marvel to the media. Newspapers, radio and television stations love to interview Rusty, thus creating wonderful exposure for your event.

Public Appearances / Community Outreach

Rusty can visit children’s hospitals and elderly care facilities and make personal appearances at media outlets either prior to or during your event. This is a wonderful way to generate publicity while increasing community awareness about your event.

Corporate Events

Rusty’s versatility makes him an excellent candidate for your next corporate function. His charming personality, delightful humor, and clever wit along with his multimedia accessories, will make your event unforgettable. He can…

  • Greet arriving guests
  • Recognize special guests
  • Introduce keynote speakers
  • Make presentations
  • Entertain guests
  • Promote products

Rusty can be programmed with industry jargon and/or specific language to promote any product or occasion. He has a programmable stereo with music and sound effects and can provide interchangeable signage.

Special Events & Private Parties

Your event becomes “special” the minute you hire Rusty Gears. Whatever the occasion, Rusty is incredibly versatile and adds flair to your affair.

Rusty has provided entertainment for numerous private parties in a variety of venues including hotels, churches, restaurants, and homes. Rusty has an extraordinary ability to entertain and amuse guests throughout the party. He can meet/greet, provide specialty entertainment, and close the evening as well.

A customized entertainment package can be created that’s perfect for your special occasion. Just Contact Us!

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